In the years 2007 – 2010 the development of Fritzing has mainly been funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture in the state of Brandenburg, Germany. From then on, Fritzing needs to rely on its community of users and supporters to keep up the developing work necessary to support their growing user-ship. Since Fritzing has become more and more important in teaching electronics at various schools and universities throughout Europe, we would be very grateful to be able to continue the development work on Fritzing to support this urgent need for education.

Milestones for Fritzing

Planned developments in 2013:
We have three major stages which we would like to achieve in 2013, depending on the donations we receive:

Up to 10K €: Continue bug fixing and urgent developments.

Up to 40 K €: Focus on real Fritzing development such as creating a new auto-router, cross-view “harmonization”, rewrite our website for easy access to more teaching materials, develop a new parts editor (please also refer to our roadmap for further details). Essentially, we are keen to move Fritzing up to a complete 1.0 version.

From 80K €: Work on further, complementary software tools e.g. a CAD-tool dedicated to kinetic interfaces.

We would like to send out a tremendous thanks to all of the individuals and organizations who have donated to Friends of Fritzing in the past!

If you are from the industry, we would be happy to explain to you, how your business can benefit from the development work on Fritzing. Please contact us any time.

If you are from a school or university, we would very much like to explain to you how Fritzing Starter Kits can help to teach physics and interactive electronics and how the Fritzing software can be used easily and effectively within a class-room. Please also refer to our workshop section and teacher workshops for further learning.

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