Friends-of-Fritzing is a charitable non-profit organization (German “Gemeinnütziger Verein”) dedicated to the development of open-source software tools enabling non-engineers to explore new forms of technology-based design. It is about making complex technologies more accessible. The core of our activities is currently geared towards the improvement of Fritzing, an open-source initiative to support artists, researchers and hobbyists in taking the step from physical prototyping to actual product.

The goal of Friends of Fritzing is to ensure that Fritzing remains a constantly updated, free open source software and that there are resources available to maintain and improve it. The NPO represents the essence of the open source idea: it doesn’t belong to anyone, you cannot buy it and it is not for profit, but for the community. Another part of FoF’s project is to make the governance and progress of Fritzing transparent and accessible to anyone, and further, to encourage the community to get involved in moving Fritzing forward.

On a more mundane level, Friends of Fritzing acts as the voice of Fritzing for official announcements, press releases, and other forms of communications such as applying for proposals. The Friends of Fritzing NPO is also the legal body for receiving donations, to be able to continue the development work and hence secure the future of the free educational and open source software.

For more information about the Fritzing software and services, please visit our website Fritzing.org.

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