Goals and Reports

Our main goal is to make technologies accessible for non-experts. This doesn’t only facilitate an explosion of innovation in areas related to that technology, it also empowers these avant-garde non-experts and moves them closer to the position of autonomous producers. Above all, the free exchange of knowledge, ideas, expertise and new insights is our highest priority and the only way to prevail the development of scientific and technological concepts for the general good.

To spread the open-source software Fritzing and show how to use it best, we have given a number or workshops in the past. Currently, we are preparing a series of teachers’ workshops at schools and universities to lay the foundation of an understanding of technology at an early stage for the sake of progress and the positive development of our future societies.

Past achievements

- Percentage of the goal we’ve reached so far:
- Number of downloads per new Fritzing release: ~60 000
- Number of active projects on the Fritzing site alone: >500
- Number of shared parts in the Fritzing parts editor: >200
- Current release: 0.7.10
- Number of current contributors (developers, designers, translators, etc): >30
- Number of forum requests we answer every month: >50
- Number of Fritzing workshops given by the team: >50

Follow this link to our Photo Gallery of past workshops

Annual Reports:

The first Friends of Fritzing Annual Report will be available at the end of 2012.

Also please check the Events on Fritzing.org for other things we are doing.

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