Besides the formal NPO founding members, we have an informal group of “friends”, who support our goal: to keep improving Fritzing. Please have a look at these Friends-of-Fritzing (list specific people or link to growing online list of supporters / list everyone who donated, bought a starter kit or used PCB) and feel free to join in (takes you to the list and donation function)!

Founding Members:

Honorary Members:

Friends of Fritzing Sponsors:

Thanks to the following companies and organizations for supporting us. If you like to become a Friends of Fritzing Sponsor, please get in touch with us.

Friends of Fritzing Donators:

You can become a Friends of Fritzing donator by contributing once or on a regular basis. Start by donating now.


Become a Fritzing Supporter any time: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or link to us from your own website. If you like, you can download the Fritzing Supporter banner here.

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