Support Us

Besides donating, the best way to support Fritzing is to get involved.

Share your own projects

Just give Fritzing a try and create new projects from scratch or use our some examples in our project gallery to build upon. (more about how to do that on If you like to support us, simply upload your project and shows us that you care.

Link to us

If you have a website, use Facebook or Twitter and want to give us a bit of a boost – tell your friends and link to us.

Fritzing Starter Kit

Fritzing has been used for workshops and lectures to enable students, artists, and do-it-yourself practitioners alike to deeply understand, apply and “think electronics” within a very short period of time. The Fritzing team has created a basic hardware “Starter Kit” containing the essence of what is necessary to learn the basics of electronics for making newcomers master this tangible discipline. The “Fritzing Starter Kit” has proven to be highly effective in both teaching and learning. It has been purchased by individual makers or in bulk for classes at various high schools and universities.

With the purchase of one “Starter Kit” you are supporting one hour of Fritzing development.

More detailed information and direct purchase on our Fritzing Starter Kit Page.

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